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This museum city does not fail to astonish thousands and thousands of tourists throughout the years. If you take a tour around the town you will be amazed by every step. It owes its majestic appearance to fortifications with forts Bokar, Lovrijenac, Minceta, Revelin, St. Johns  and St. Lukes Tower. Do not miss a chance to walk around these walls, to take a look at some magnificent and picturesque landscapes. Take a moment and try to absorb the city’s energy. An important part of Dubrovnik’s heritage `are Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary and church of St. Blaze (Sv. Vlaho). A proof of how many valuables were in the cathedral’s treasury is the fact that it was locked with three keys. One was kept by the bishop, the other one by the rector and the last one by the Republic secretary. The door could have been unlocked only when using all three keys simultaneously. One of the most exquisite monuments of profane architecture on the Croatian coast is definitely the Rectors Palace – a Gothic building with  Renaissance and Baroque reconstructions.  It was the administrative centre of the Dubrovnik Republic. Rolando’s Column is another symbol of the Republic era. According to the legend, Roland saved the town from the Saracens and defeated them near the island Lokrum. At the time, the white flag of the Dubrovnik Republic with the image and initials of st. Blaise was put on the column. Nowadays, during the Dubrovnik Summer Festival another white flag decorates the column, inscribed with “Libertas” it represents Dubrovnik’s historic liberal character, humanitarian principles and concern for justice. The Sponza Palace – an astonishing ornament of the Dubrovnik streets, built in Gothic-Renaissance style. Today it houses the Dubrovnik Archives, considered to be one of the richest archives in Europe.There are many museums and art exhibitions in Dubrovnik. The one that delights us the most is the Visia 5D Multimedia Museum. It’s a unique interactive museum that allows visitors to experience Dubrovnik’s history through the use of new Technologies like hologram projections and virtual reality.

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